Become a Marriage Mentor Couple

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Do you have a heart for marriages? Do you have a passion for helping couples and seeing your church grow? YOU could be a Marriage Mentor!

WHO can become a Marriage Mentor?
Answer the following questions to see if you and your spouse have what it takes to become Marriage Mentors:

Check Mark, Marriage Mentors UnitedAre you in a solid, committed, God-honoring marriage?

Check Mark, Marriage Mentors UnitedDo you and your spouse work well together?

Check Mark, Marriage Mentors UnitedDo you have the desire to help a less experienced couple build a stronger marriage?

Check Mark, Marriage Mentors UnitedDo you want to be a part of something that can potentially set a couple on the right track for a happy, healthy marriage?

If you answered, “Yes” to these questions you could be a Marriage Mentor!

WHAT does a Marriage Mentor do?
A mentor is defined as an advisor or trainer. As a Marriage Mentor Couple, you and your spouse meet with your Mentorees (the couple you are mentoring) on a regular basis to talk, answer questions, share experiences, advise and pray. You draw from your own marriage and relationship experiences and the things God has shown you to help your Mentorees avoid the mistakes you made OR to make wise choices like you did. It's not counseling - but rather, a method for wise and gentle guidance.

HOW LONG is the Mentoring commitment?
The typical Marriage Mentor relationship lasts about 18 months however, you and your mentoree couple can tailor your commitment to meet your needs.

HOW OFTEN do we meet with the Mentoree Couple?
Generally once a month.

WHERE do we meet?
That's up to you. You may wish to be in a neutral setting, like a coffee shop or a cafe'. Maybe your preference is to meet in your home or at your church. You can decide on a location to everyone's liking.

Your investment in becoming a Mentor Couple with Marriage Mentors United is $35. This covers the cost of your training materials and a one year (renewable) membership to Marriage Mentors United. Your Mentorees will require a workbook that you may wish to purchase for them (although they can purchase it themselves if they prefer) at a cost of $20.

My church doesn't have a Marriage Mentor program. What now?
Talk with your pastor about the program and the many ways it will benefit your church! Not only can a Marriage Mentor Program ease the demand of a pastor's time by offering alternatives to pastoral counseling, but strong, healthy marriages strengthen the church overall. With his or her blessing, you can start a Marriage Mentor Program in your church. Marriage Mentors United provides training every step of the way. It's easier than you think!

WHAT HAPPENS if we get in over our heads?
Couples who consider becoming Marriage Mentors often express concern about the types of things they may encounter in the Mentoring relationship. Read our list of most Frequently Asked Questions about Mentoring and if your question isn't answered there, contact Marriage Mentors United directly.

YES! I want to take the next step toward becoming a Marriage Mentor! 
If your church doesn't yet have a Marriage Mentor program, you'll need to speak with your pastor about starting one in your church. Before you make that appointment, make a list of any questions you may have and Contact Marriage Mentors United for a free consultation. We'll help you make a great case for launching the program in your church.

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