How To Spice Up Your Marriage

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No matter how busy life gets, there are many ways to spice up your marriage!

To spice up your marriage, you'll need to use a little thought and take a little action. Use the tips below to put the spice back into your marriage.

Make time for each other

Schedule time together: Yes, your friends are important. Yes, golf and yoga matter. Just spending time with your spouse engaging in conversation and enjoying each other can help add sizzle to your relationship. Spend time talking, praying, and engaging with your spouse on a spiritual level.

Talk about more than the kids, the job, the bills: It is all too easy to let our conversation with our spouse be about the mechanics of life. Staying emotionally connected with your spouse takes more than discussing the mechanics of life. Be sure you spend time talking with each other about about your dreams, your hopes, and your wants.

Try something new: We can get into ruts. Breaking free of old patterns can bring freedom and breathe fresh air into our marriages. Switch things up, try new adventures.

Whisper sweet nothings: Saying lovely things to one another can add spice to a romantic relationship. Telling your spouse you think they are sexy, hot, fun, funny, attractive, intelligent lets him/her know that you still find them attractive.

Let your spouse know you desire them: For many people, just knowing that their spouse desires them is a turn on. Letting your spouse know that you want them can be the beginning of adding spice to your marriage. Verbalize your desires for your spouse.

Take a bath, shower together: Bathing or showering can be an exciting and erotic time in a marriage. Enjoying one another’s bodies is one of the perks of a Christian marriage. Soaping one another up and drying one another off are just some of the ways to add sizzle.

Tease each other: Teasing can be fun and exciting. Wearing clothes or shoes that he likes or splashing on the after-shave that she enjoys sends signals that you want to please your spouse. Try playfully touching and teasing one another.

Touch each other: Hug, kiss, nuzzle, snuggle, back rubs and foot rubs are all parts of a healthy relationship. Indulging in lots of non-sexual touching paves the way for great sex.

Make arrangements to have time alone: Of course you love your children. Of course you want to spend time with them.  But, you also need private time.  Arrange for a baby sitter, or swap baby sitting services with other parents.

Start using these tips to spice up your marriage!