Having Great Sex

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Sex as a gift: How to improve your sex life

Sex is an amazing gift from God. Designed for procreation and created for our enjoyment, sex is a powerful way for a loving, married couple to express their love for one another.

Great marriages and great sex often go hand-in-hand. So, how do you make sure you and your spouse have great sex? There are a few simple keys to having great sex.

1. Gain an understanding of female and male anatomy. An understanding of your spouse’s anatomy will help you figure out what gives your partner pleasure. An understanding of your own anatomy will further enhance your knowledge base in this area.

2. Be open to variety. Sometimes sex should take all evening with candles and soft music. Other times a quickie in the bathroom before work is the perfect way to start the day.

3. View sex as a way to express the love and joy in your relationship. The more you focus on sex as an expression of love and joy, the more you will experience love and joy during sex.

4. Have plenty of non-sexual touching. Sometimes life gets so busy that we forget to touch one another in non-sexual ways. When the majority of touching in a marriage is sexual touching, spouses may feel that any touch is a request for sex. When any touch is a request for sex, couples often refrain from touching for fear of sending a signal for sex. By making sure you have plenty of non-sexual touching you turn touch into a shared pleasure rather than a request for sex. Interestingly, marriages that have more non-sexual touching also have more sex.

5. Set up times and places to have sex. The important events in life get put on the calendar. Plan time to be alone and enjoy one another. Set a date, make a plan, and enjoy the outcome.