Christian Marriage Counselor: What To Ask Before You Sign On

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Finding the Right Christian Marriage Counselor For you

Marriage can be one of the most rewarding and the most challenging relationships for adults to manage. Every marriage goes through rough spots and many marriages go through very painful times. Whether you are experiencing a rough patch or a very painful time, it is likely that with help from the right therapist your relationship can benefit from Christian marriage counseling. If you are considering finding a counselor, this paper will highlight a few items you will want to consider.

How Do I Find A Marriage Counselor?

Finding a Christian marriage counselor is easy. Finding the RIGHT Christian marriage counselor takes a bit more effort. Because you want a good marriage counselor you will need to do some research before you pick up the phone book or do an Internet search for a marriage counselors.

Begin by asking friends and family members or health care professionals such as your doctor, massage therapist, or nurse practitioner if they know of a good marriage counselor. The clergy at your place of worship will likely have a wide variety of resources and may be helpful in finding a good therapist. While it may seem difficult to say to others that you are seeking help for your marriage, the best way to find information about good therapists (and ones to avoid) is through other people. Once you begin asking about marriage counselors, you may be surprised to find that many people you know have been in therapy.

What Do I Do Once I Locate A Potential Marriage Counselor?

Before you make an appointment, take the time to interview the prospective therapist. This can be done over the phone and should only take a few minutes. A good therapist recognizes that making this phone call may be difficult for you and will understand any hesitancy on your part. Use the questions below to guide your conversation. Do not worry about offending or angering the prospective therapist. Good therapists recognize your main goal is to find a therapist who is trained, skilled, and equipped to help you improve you marriage. The right therapist for you will welcome questions like those listed below and will gladly answer your inquiries.

Questions To Ask A Prospective Marriage Counselor

1. What is your educational background?
What level of education have you completed?
Where did you go to school?
What type of training program did you complete?

2. What is your professional background?
In what types of agencies or organizations have you practiced?
What type of clinical work have you done?

3. What licenses and certifications do you currently hold?
Are you currently licensed with the state or certified with any national organizations?

4. Do you hold certifications in any special therapies, techniques, or issues?
What specialty training have you completed?

5. How long have you been in practice?

6. What types of clients and issues do you work with?
Seasoned therapists will have specialties. Be wary of a therapist who claims to work well with every issue and every client.

7. What is your theoretical orientation?
This is the method or model that a therapist uses to guide their practice. No one theoretical orientation is best, however a good therapist will be able to articulate their theoretical orientation in a way that makes sense to you. Be wary of therapists who do not have a theoretical orientation or simply say, “I do what works.”

8. Describe your situation and ask how the therapist might work with you.

The information above should help you in finding a Christian marriage counselor that fits for you and your situation. Do not settle for a therapist who does not seem to be a good fit for you. Interview as many therapists as it takes. This one investment in your marriage can result in a lifetime of marital satisfaction. Isn’t the prospect of a lifetime of marital satisfaction worth the small amount of work it takes to find the right therapist for you?


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