Do Marriage Vows Matter?

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Marriage Vows: Who takes them seriously anymore?

We all know marriages are created when two people speak their vows in front of an officiate. Whether traditional or newly created, those vows are a set of promises. Yet, in spite of these promises, divorce rates in the U.S. are reported at 41% for first marriages. How can it be that people make sacred vows and yet 41% of first marriages end in divorce? Do marriage vows matter?

While 41% of first marriages ending in divorce may seem high, that number also indicates that 59% of first marriages do not end in divorce. This indicates that for many married couples their marriage vows do matter. It also indicates an even more important aspect of marriages that last.

The more important aspect of marriages that last is the on-going honoring of the initial marriage vows. Couples that last find ways on a regular basis to stay true to the marriage vows they made. How can you stay true to your vows?

1. Study your partner: Make a life long habit of learning about your partner. As we mature, we change. Make it a habit to study your spouse so you are aware the changes. Then, as you both develop and change, you are more likely to grow together rather than apart.

2. Decide to be fully invested: Relationships tend to thrive when you focus your time, attention, and energy on the marriage. Marriages that last a lifetime are infused with time, attention and energy from both partners.

3. Accept that a satisfactory relationship takes effort: Nothing worth having is easy. In fact, it is human nature to value what costs us. Every marriage has some rough spots. The question is not whether or not you experience difficult periods. The real question is how the two of you manage those rough spots.

Yes, marriage vows matter. If you believe in keeping marriage vows, you may be ready to be marriage mentor. If your marriage could use some help you might benefit from having marriage mentors.

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