You Never Know, So Never Assume

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We recently had a Mentor Program Leadership Conference Call where one of our Churches mentioned they have a large Law Enforcement presence in their congregation.  

First let me say to Law Enforcement as a citizen, Thank you for your continuing Service to our Communities.  They alone are why we can live safely in our country on a daily basis and why we sleep well at night.  I also know as a Marine (currently retired...but never really) 🙂 that life can be short for some, especially for those who select a certain profession or “obey a certain calling.”


Another set of Mentor Leaders mentioned that they had a couple being mentored where the Mentors were not sure of the Salvation of one of their mentees.   Well, stop the presses because we as Marriage Mentors are first and foremost Believers in Christ.   With that comes great responsibility and the Great Commission.  That’s why one of our first essential exercises is the One Minute Testimony.


As Marriage Mentors we need to ensure, as best as we can, the Salvation message of Jesus Christ is “nailed down” with our couples we work with.   If there is any doubt STOP the presses on anything else and give the Gospel Message to them first!  “No one comes to the Father except through me,” says the Lord Jesus (John 14:6).  So make sure, again as best as anyone can, that they get it before anyone moves on.

Sounds simple, right?  We all know it’s not but we all know it’s important.   Why?  Because Eternity is a very long time and for some, regardless of anyone’s profession, it might just be right around the corner (Beltway traffic anyone?)

I obeyed a calling once, to be a Marine.   But I obeyed the calling of Christ first – thank God!   Why?  Well, that remains to be seen...but I still have in my possession the bullet from Kuwait City that had my name on it.

Because you never know...

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