What Pastors May Want to Know …

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Pastors, you are very busy!  I can’t tell you how many of you are asked to do so much for the Kingdom which you do every day.   Some marvel at how much can be asked of “Those Called by God” yet all of us as Believers in Christ are also called.

One of our favorite pastors who now leads a large congregation on the outskirts of Washington DC asked us once for help  ...  and we heeded his call.  It turned out to be ultimately “His Calling” by the Lord Jesus Christ.  That’s when we started Marriage Mentoring.

Marriage Mentoring is a low-cost, easy investment (in both time and materials for Churches) solution to renew and invigorate care with very efficient pastoral support, time and involvement.  Why?  Because good quality lay-leadership and strong supportive mature marriages are a prolific resource in most if not all Godly Christ-centered congregations and is a resource that needs to be tapped.

Two happy couplesThe Lord Jesus uses fisherman, tax collectors, a physician and even a Pharisee to present His Gospel to All Nations.   We have just as much if not more “fishermen and women” than those available and I bet some are willingly attending our churches each weekend.

For the most part they are not perfect but neither am I and nor were the fishermen nor even that Pharisee.  They were not learned and, with the possible exception of the Pharisee, had no formal religious training.

Granted, God and the Lord Jesus knew their hearts and minds and yet He selected them anyway.  Let’s select some we already know as Marriage Mentors who have the skills knowledge and expertise to walk alongside someone with less knowledge, time and expertise to build them up.  That’s what Marriage Mentoring does and is all about.

Pastors, we want to help.   Ask us, you might like the possibilities!

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