Marriage is Sacred, and We ALL Stumble At It

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By Guest Blogger, Carol Brotherton of Centreville Baptist Church

Couple blue backgroundMarriage IS sacred, and yet, we still stumble.

I just discovered Gary Thomas’ website (! Gary Thomas is a bestselling author and thought-leader in the area of marriage, and he speaks internationally, bringing married couples closer to God and to each other.

On his website you have at your fingertips a series of terrific short videos entitled, “Sacred Marriage: Your Questions Answered.” Each video lasts only about 2 minutes and offers a clear and compelling answer to one frequently asked question about marriage.

You can click HERE to taste a sample of Gary’s biblically-based wisdom by watching him answer the question, “Why is marriage so challenging? What are we missing?”

I LOVE the way Gary applies James 3:2 to the marriage relationship. “We ALL stumble in MANY ways.” It’s just six little words, and yet what a profound effect this truth has on two people learning to live together in harmony with God and with each other for a lifetime!

I believe the implication of James 3:2 may be one of the most important messages we offer our mentoree couples. In fact, after 12 months of mentoring, one mentoree husband recently volunteered what he sees as the biggest benefit of marriage mentoring. He said...

“Before mentoring, we thought our problems are unusual, and now we realize we’re normal ? everyone has these sorts of problems!”

Thanks, Gary, for reminding us through James 3:2 that marriage will ALWAYS provide us a God-designed training ground for growing in patience and thoughtfulness.

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