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 YOU can start a Marriage Mentor Program in your church. It's easier than you think!

WHY start a Marriage Mentor program?
Churches thrive and grow when the people within them are thriving and growing. Relationships are everything in any church! Friendships, marriages, family relationships ... they all come together to create healthy congregations that make a difference in their community. That's where a Marriage Mentor Program comes in.

At the core of most churches are the couples who bring their families to worship. When those couples are solid and healthy, their families tend to be solid and healthy, too. They bring this health to church with them, which in turn, helps the church to grow.

But marriage is challenging. Even strong, healthy marriages face difficulties. And while we would like to think that Christians have a higher standard when it comes to marriage, the fact is, we often stand by helplessly as marriages around us dissolve because we don't know what to do or how to help. But what if we could help? What if we could actually help BEFORE any really big issues arise in the first place?

HOW can churches benefit from Marriage Mentoring?
When healthy, God-honoring couples partner with couples looking to grow, learn and thrive, the Mentoring relationship begins and marriages are strengthened. Mentoring couples meet on a regular basis to talk, ask questions, pray and grow. They may meet for coffee at a local coffee shop, in their homes or at their church. The Mentor Couple takes the leadership role, sharing from their experience and the wisdom it brings.

The typical mentoring relationship lasts about 18 months. At the conclusion of the mentoring experience, many Mentorees become Mentor Couples, taking their new-found experience and wisdom to another couple seeking to grow. The strength and health born from the mentoring relationship helps build the strength and core of the church.

Marriage Mentor Leadership Meeting - Seacoast Church

WHO can start a Marriage Mentor Program?
YOU can! With the guidance of OUR Marriage Mentors United teachers and trainers, you can be equipped to start a program in your church. If you're a pastor, Marriage Mentors United can help to ease your congregational care load by equipping your leadership to oversee the program. If you are the member of a congregation that would benefit from the Marriage Mentors United model for mentoring, talk to your pastor! Be the first to volunteer to get the ball rolling ... and we'll help you!

WHAT do you need to start a Marriage Mentoring Program?
Building a Marriage Mentor Program is not difficult. With the following few components, you're on your way to  a thriving Mentor Program. You will need:

  • Pastoral or leadership support: The support of your pastor or appropriate church leadership
  • Mentors: Couples in a solid, God-honoring marriage with a heart for marriages
  • Mentorees: Couples wanting to build a solid, God-honoring marriage
  • Materials: The Marriage Mentor’s Field Guide (One for each mentor couple) and The Mentoree’s Notebook (One for each mentoree couple)
  • Training: Live training from Marriage Mentors United's Senior Trainers + live teleseminars and Webinars

WHERE does the training take place?
Training is done both online and in person. Marriage Mentors will come to your church to help you get started. Ongoing assistance is available throughout the course of your membership.

Training materials + the cost of membership to Marriage Mentors United is $35.00.
Travel expenses for Senior Marriage Mentor Program Trainers is negotiated per church.

Check Mark, Marriage Mentors UnitedYES! I want to take the next step toward helping to strengthen my church with a Marriage Mentor Program! 
Contact Marriage Mentors United today! You have absolutely nothing to lose by contacting us for more information. We'll talk to you about the program, answer your questions and help you take the next step.

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