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Marriage Advice For Everyday Couples

Marriage is complex. A marriage is two people of different genders, with different personalities, from different families, with different histories trying to share a life and become one. With all the complexity of marriage it is wonder (or maybe a miracle) that any of us are able to stay married.

Because of this complexity, it is easy to see how so many marriages fail. Additionally, couples struggling in their marriage can find help from all manner of sources: from marriage counselors to the self proclaimed expert on the internet to the well known newspaper columnist.

For Christians, seeking marital help can be especially difficult. Somehow, in church, it can appear that all the marriages around us are going well. Others appear to be so in love, to get along well, and seem to coast through marriage as though it's a picnic complete with kite flying and horse shoes! Sadly, this can leave us feeling like everyone else manages to have a great marriage, so what is wrong with us?

While it may not appear so, every marriage has rough spots. That we don’t see those rough spots in other marriages is a testament to the human ability to hide the anger, frustration, pain and loneliness inherent in marriage problems. While we are capable of hiding those emotions for a time, eventually they will surface. Sadly, emotions we hide often surface in damaging and hurtful ways.

Because hidden emotions tend to surface in damaging ways, it is imperative that couples get help when marriage gets difficult. But, it can be daunting to find help and seek the advise a couple needs. Marriage counselors and relationship coaches can be a source of assistance. Pastors can be provide help and support.

While pastors, counselors and coaches can be invaluable, another source of help is through Marriage Mentoring. Marriage Mentor programs offer the opportunity for couples to enjoy a mentoring relationship with a couple who is experienced in marriage. Based on the Biblical picture of mentoring, in which Jesus walked with his disciples teaching them Godly principles, Marriage Mentors and Mentorees walk together helping Mentorees learn Godly principles of marriage.

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