Your Sole Mate is Your Soul Mate

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PinkylinkDr. Scott Stanley, Ph.D.  is a research professor who studies marriage and romantic relationships.   His blog has a great article entitled “The Special Misery of Looking for Your Perfect Soul Mate."

He also develops materials to help people in their relationships based on the best social science possible. And truthfully, I really like this article!

In it he talks about “...we are probably looking for “the best” and, in fact, we are looking for our soul mates .... Is this possible to find? “How many people do you need to see before you know you’ve found the best?” ... “The answer is every damn person there is. How else do you know it’s the best? If you’re looking for the best, this is a recipe for complete misery.”  If you are searching and you believe your goal is to find the perfect partner for you, you literally can never stop searching. The allure of it all suggests that perfect matching is possible... which we all know is not possible.

While some toxic relationships do exist where abuse, violence, rampant infidelity, etc. are present most relationships can do incredible improvements using tried and true exercises to “muscle up” their marriages and with a solid foundation of the “nutrition” of God’s Word.   The foundation of which substantiates the promise we made at the altar.


Step One:  Know that finding your Soul Mate is done by looking at your Sole Mate.

Step Two:  Change your diet and stop eating junk food (bad / reality TV, internet sites, etc) basically “downer programming” of any kind.   Start eating “right programming” such as ... wait for it! ... the Messages of the Lord Jesus, God’s Word, and those who use the same (Dr. Stanley is but one of many).

Step Three:  Exercise, exercise, exercise.   Exercise what is right, true, lovely and think on such things.   Philippians 4:8 anyone?

I think I just came up with a new Three Step Jump Start exercise didn’t I ?...:-)

** Sorry Babe...

  1. Date: July 11, 2016
    Author: Dean

    Thanks for your comment! Congrats on 33 years with your souls mate!

  2. Date: July 11, 2016
    Author: Craig Marshall

    So true, spot on article. Being the right one, or soul mate, begins with me and God. And being thankful for the amazing soul mate of 33 years that Sarah is.

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