The Power of the words, ‘Thank You’ in Marriage

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Can something as simple as saying ‘Thank You’ truly make a difference in a marriage?

IMarriage, speak kindlyn a marriage, sometimes it’s the simplest of concepts that pack the biggest punch. And simple expressions of common courtesy absolutely fall into this category. Marriage is a challenge in the best of circumstances … but sometimes when things are tough, simple gestures can actually help bridge a gap!

Saying ‘thank you’ as an extension of courtesy is something most of us learn in Kindergarten. And for good reason! Our teachers knew what we had yet to learn; being courteous and polite in life counts! Think about it. Is there someone in your life who routinely neglects to say ‘thank you’? Do you find it irksome? Does it communicate something that this person may not intend … that you’re not important?

When a marriage relationship is stressed, the stress is exposed most often in the words we choose to use AND in the words we choose NOT to use. Consider what an expression of thankfulness communicates to you.

Most of us are diligent in saying thank you when someone does something really big for us. But when someone says thank you for the truly little things in life (like passing the salt) it’s not about being thankful for the action. Pretty much anyone can pass the salt. It’s much more than that. It’s about acknowledging the person behind the action. It’s about basic human respect. And NOT saying it, in those simplest of occasions, can communicate, “You’re not worth acknowledging.”

Leave no room for doubt! Be generous with these words. Be genuine and know that saying ‘thank you’ says so much more than “Great! Now I have some salt!” It communicates basic respect. When some feels respected, they usually give respect back!


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