There’s No Such Thing as A Perfect Marriage

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Have you ever heard someone say, “Every family is dysfunctional”?

Perfect Marriage, Marriage Mentors UnitedI’ve heard that many times. And I believe it! Not just because of the quirks I see in families every day, but because I’m quirky myself and I’m a part of a family.

Even if I could honestly say that no one else in my family has issues, it wouldn’t matter. My own would make up for it!

Marriage is the same way! Each one has its fair share of dysfunction and quirkiness because both people are human. But that doesn’t mean a marriage can’t be good or even great. It’s just a reality; even the great marriages have issues.

So how do we achieve a great marriage if we still face problems?

It comes down to this: It’s not the problems that define the marriage. And this is the key: It is how the couple handles the problems that make the marriage great!

This explains why two couples, handling similar difficulties in life, can have such hugely different outcomes. One couple talks through things, is open and honest about their struggles and offers support to one another. The other couple goes in two directions, not talking, burying the issues. Of course the outcomes will be vastly different even if the problems are similar.

Great marriages are ones that honor God by honoring one another. Being supportive through the good times and the bad builds trust and strength. How you offer that support depends on what your spouse responds to and what is needed at the time.

It’s true, perfect marriages don’t exist. But God-honoring, strong, healthy marriages DO. And you can have one! Marriage Mentors can help you get there!


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