Be Encouraged in The New Year!

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Mentoring married couples is a profoundly inspirational, challenging, and rewarding experience for a mentor. Perhaps even above all that, mentoring is a humbling experience.

It is a privilege to be allowed into another person's life. Mentors know that it takes a great deal of trust for one couple to open up to another, especially when talking of one's own shortcomings.


In looking back on 2016, we're reminded of the many powerful testimonies we've heard from couples who have benefitted from mentoring. Phrases like, "We'd gained an entirely new perspective through mentoring," and "Our mentors were able to shed a whole new light for us," were a recurring theme.

One Mentee recently stated, "I have softened my hardened heart and worked through my issues with my mother-in-law through prayer and self evaluation.  I realize that my selfish reasons would have caused more hurt than help to my family.  As I grow in the spirit and faith I realize that we are all works in progress and God in not through with us yet."

We widen our perspective when we seek out wisdom from others. Mentoring provides a fresh set of eyes and alternative ways to face marriage challenges. And it works both ways! Mentors often report gaining new outlooks from those they mentor! Clearly, God has a plan when he puts couples together for mentoring!

With a New Year ahead of us, we face it with full confidence that marriages can and will become stronger as we work together under the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit.

God bless you this Christmas season as we look ahead for His perfect purpose in 2017.

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