Would you like to strengthen your marriage?
Would you like to enjoy your relationship more?

Get with the program!

The Marriage Mentor Program!

WHAT is Marriage Mentoring?
A mentor is defined as an advisor or trainer. When you are mentored, a more experienced person gently guides and advises you. In a Marriage Mentor relationship, you and your spouse meet with your Mentor Couple  on a regular basis to talk, ask questions, share experiences, be advised and pray. You draw experiences and the wisdom of your Mentors to help you and your spouse strengthen and develop your relationship.

WHO Can become a Mentoree Couple?http://www.dreamstime.com/-image9507944
YOU can! Do you want to:

  • Strengthen an already strong marriage?
  • Strengthen a marriage that is just okay?
  • Build up a marriage that is struggling?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then Mentoring is for you!

HOW Does Marriage Mentoring Work?
Your mentoring can be as individual as you are. When, where, how often you meet, and what you talk about with your Mentors is up to you. In most cases Mentorees and Mentors meet once a month, however, some Mentorees find that meeting more often suits their needs.

Your mentoring meetings will focus on marriage. In these meetings, Mentors will share ideas, concepts, exercises and resources to help you build the marriage you desire. Typically, mentors will strategize with you about ways to improve your relationship with one another and with God.

Is This Counseling? 
No, Mentoring is not counseling. When you begin a mentoring relationship with a Master Mentor couple, they will refer you to a counselor if they feel you would benefit from in-depth counseling.

Check Mark, Marriage Mentors UnitedYES! We want to be Mentored! What's next? 
Your church is the place to start. Ask your pastor about your church’s Marriage Mentor program. If your church does not have a Marriage Mentor program, ask your pastor to consider starting a Marriage Mentor Program with the help of MarriageMentorsUnited.com.

You can also contact us at MarriageMentorsUnited.com directly to find a couple to mentor you and your spouse. Our Master Mentor couples have years of mentoring experience. They will work with you over the phone and through Skype.

Don’t wait! Make an investment in your marriage by becoming a Mentoree today!

“Marriage mentoring is the best thing we have ever done for our marriage.”  - Kim and Paul

“Who knew working on our marriage could be so much fun?” - Judy and Antwon

“We love our mentors!” - J.J. and Carl

"Our marriage is much stronger now!" - Louise and Andrew