Because, There are NO Raspberries On Mars

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Empirical evidence, empirical evidence.

As an intelligence officer I always look for irrefutable, undeniable evidence to support my analysis and deductions.

Once trying to determine where enemy armor units were and where they’d be going (Desert Storm, March on Kuwait City) I deduced that soviet-styled armor units never went anywhere without their mobile air defense tracked vehicles.   Those vehicles used radars to search for US close air support aircraft which meant those radars had to be turned “on” and thus “illuminating” themselves for them to work.  Find the illuminating radars (the “empirical” evidence) with our own tracking devices, you found the armor. sites “empirical” as being “derived from or guided by experience or experiment” and “provable or verifiable by experience or experiment.”   So here’s my point...

plutoWe have an immense solar system with 8 planets (sorry Pluto) and one Sun all in perfect balance, trajectory and mass to then harness all that power to then allow for sustainable life on one – Earth.   So how did that really happen and how does that work?  Is it all just random act of perfect physics-harmony coupled with some catalyst to generate all of it to begin with and then continue?   Or like a finely tuned instrument that has to have a master craftsman to shape, generate and ultimately build something into a piece that produces beautiful music (think how does a tree fall down somewhere and then over time becomes a guitar or violin)?

How does that happen – how does it ... really?!...

With all due respect to those who believe in a random scenario of the Solar System my hat’s off to you because you have way more faith than I do.

Planet Earth is perfect the way it fits in our Solar System, and our human bodies with over 200 bones, 640 muscles, 75,000 enzymes (and counting!) and 3.7 Trillion  (Yes, Trillion) cells are all perfect examples of empirical evidence that to me support that there HAS TO BE a Master Craftsmen who put all this together for life on Earth. Then sustain that life with land, fruits, vegetables, animals (sorry vegans!), CO2 consuming and oxygen generating plants, trees, liquids, oceans (salt water), rivers and lakes (fresh water, perfect for drinking, bathing, and nourishing by-the-way).   Not to mention raw materials to make ships, airplanes, buildings, roads, rovers, satellites and spaceships that can find raspberries on Mars!

Wait a minute, wait a minute ... okay what about blueberries on Venus?   Or sycamores on Saturn?...

Other than the planets themselves NONE of what we have on Earth exists ANYWHERE...

I believe in the God of the Bible because quite simply the miracles of Earth are too numerous to fathom ... and quite simply because nothing is repeated elsewhere.

I believe in the God of the Bible because there are no raspberries on Mars!  That’s my empirical evidence.

God is truly A Master Craftsman.   He created the Heavens and the Earth and everything in between.  He gave us resources, intelligence to look beyond in order to find nothing else like it.

It will be Easter soon, so let’s put the designs of our Life and our Marriages in the right perspective with the Master Craftsman.   “...Seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33.

Including raspberries ... on Earth...:-)

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