You purchased the Gratefulness Journal, a great tool for intentionally identifying those things in life for which you are grateful.

Over and over we hear from couples how the Gratefulness Journal has helped them see the blessings in life that had gone unnoticed. Couples like Pat and Tracie,

"Using the Gratefulness Journal opened our eyes to the little things that were actually enriching our lives. Before we started journaling, we didn't realize how much those things meant to our quality of life."

Or Kendra and J.T.,

"When you make it a point to look for things to be grateful for, it seems like there's a blessing around every corner!"

Jordyn and Mike put it best,

"We all-too-often focused on what we didn't have until we started writing down the things we did have. After journaling for almost a year, it's becoming clear that the positives in our lives far outweigh the negatives."

We hope you find the process of journaling your gratefulness a life enriching process.