Cheating In Marriage

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Are Christians Less Likely to Engage In Infidelity?

When working with Christian marriage mentors we are often asked if Christians are more or less likely to engage in infidelity than non Christians. It is a valid question, because, as we all know, some believers do have extra marital affairs. On the other hand, many believers are able to withstand the temptations and remain faithful to their marriages for a lifetime.

Researchers studying the relationship between religious practices and marital infidelity arrived at the three following conclusions:

1. Within the practice of Christian faiths, religious affiliation is associated with reduced odds of marital infidelity. This research indicates that believers are less likely than non-believers to engage in extra marital affairs.

2. Participation in religious activities such as weekly worship, small groups and other activities show an inverse association with infidelity. So, the more involved a couple is in their house of worship, the less likely they are to experience infidelity. These researchers surmise that when a couple is involved in church activities, they are exposed to support systems that encourage their ability to stay faithful. According to the researchers, the fear of being found out by other church members holds some power to keep Christians from infidelity, they also highlight the power of positive marital role models as a factor in helping Christians to stay faithful in marriage.

3. Specific views about the Bible are directly related to infidelity. This research seems to indicate that Christians who study and place faith in the inspired word of God are less likely to engage in marital infidelity. The researchers suggest that belief in the Bible may bolster for Christians the ability to resist temptation.

This is great news for marriage mentors. By providing positive role models, as marriage mentors do, we have the opportunity to help other couples build skills necessary to maintain a strong, faithful, God honoring marriage.