Marriage Mentors United is a group of Christian believers impacting the world for Jesus Christ one marriage at a time. We mentor Christian couples who desire to build stronger marriages.

In the beginning…

Six years ago, the pastor at McLean Bible Church asked, “Would you take the lead on starting a marriage mentoring program?” We asked, “What is marriage mentoring?” We learned that marriage mentoring is just like it sounds: A mentoring relationship focused on improving marriages. What a great concept!

Over the next two years we created powerful materials for mentors to use when meeting with their mentorees. Every aspect of our materials has been tested in real marriage mentoring relationships and has proved to offer solid marriage enhancing information.

The Marriage Mentor Program

In the midst of creating materials, we were also designing the program. We wanted to create a program within the existing structure of the church, under the authority of the pastoral leadership and, ultimately, Jesus Christ. We wanted the program to offer hope and help to a range of couples from new marriages to fractured relationships.

Mentor Training - Seacoast Church

Today the original program continues to thrive. Mentors from other local churches use our materials and come to McLean Bible Church for training. Two years ago, Seacoast Church in Charleston, S.C. began marriage mentoring using our materials.

Because we continue to receive requests for The Marriage Mentor’s Field Guide and Mentoree’s Workbook, we have created Marriage Mentors United. Here you will find articles about marriage mentoring, information on starting your own marriage mentoring program, details about our team and our products. Feel free to look around and, if you have questions, contact us.

It's our hope that through our Marriage Mentoring program, Christian marriages will become stronger, enriching both the marriages themselves and the many families and friends that are impacted by them.